Presidents Message

exec_directorCaptain Richard Morris – CEO, Australian Superyachts
President & Executive Director

The Australian superyacht industry was created in order to meet the needs of international superyachts descending on Sydney for the 2000 Olympic Games.

The Olympics provided a unique opportunity to attract some of the world’s most influential and astute business figures to Sydney, and to showcase the best of what our city has to offer. While some critics claim that the post-Olympic tourism opportunity has since been squandered in many sectors, the superyacht industry is an outstanding example of how we got it right.

A decade and a half later, our industry has matured and flourished, pumping some $400 million per year into the NSW economy. Annual superyacht arrivals now routinely exceed the high-water mark achieved for the Olympics, with more than 50 yachts visiting Sydney annually and more expected in the future. This last summer of 2014/15 alone saw some of the largest and most prestigious superyachts in the world choose to visit Sydney.

It is amazing to see the progress we have made within the industry in such a short time. In 1999, no superyacht berthing facilities existed in Sydney and a ‘temporary’ marina was created in Rozelle Bay. Overall 45 superyachts sailed into Sydney for the 2000 Games, exceeding all expectations and creating enough excitement for NSW Maritime to extend the Rozelle Bay ‘experiment’.

Further progress was made in 2001 when the ‘Superyacht Sydney Alliance’ was established by a core group of eight superyacht industry companies to market Sydney more cohesively overseas. By 2006, with the support of the NSW Government, the Superyacht Sydney Alliance was transformed into the ‘NSW Superyacht Industry Association’ – Superyacht Sydney.

The marketing expertise and collaborative spirit of the NSW Superyacht Industry Association has brought a new professionalism to our industry.

The Rozelle Bay Superyacht Marina is now full almost 12 months of the year, even during winter. Campbells Cove, opposite the Sydney Opera House, is globally recognised as an iconic location for visiting superyachts to enjoy a front row seat for the fireworks in the “New Year’s Eve capital of the world???. Berth bookings are being received many years in advance. The Sydney Superyacht Marina hosts the annual Sydney Superyacht Show, attracting more activity in the superyacht sector.

Visiting superyachts are discovering that there is more to Sydney than it just being the “world’s greatest harbour???. They find that a vibrant support network exists which provides them with the maintenance and service support they need in order to make their visit a successful one. This support is delivered by the Superyacht Sydney member companies, all of whom are leaders in their fields.

On this website you will find an overview of all that NSW has to offer, with some helpful articles, charts, maps, photos and nautical information, plus a detailed description of each member and their contact details. Our membership is growing all the time, so please visit our website to keep up to date with new members and the latest information.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sydney, NSW and Australia!