HAVE YOUR SAY on the Glebe Island Bridge demolition


The Glebe Island Bridge has been an obstruction to navigation and a threat to public safety for nearly 20 years. The current consultation on the Future of the Glebe Island Bridge will close on 15 November, and we urge Superyacht Sydney members to take this opportunity to speak in favour of its removal.Boadicea Glebe Bridge


In line with the BIA of NSW, in its submission representing the NSW Superyacht Industry, the NSW Superyacht Industry Association will assert that the Glebe Island Bridge should be demolished in order to deliver: improved safety & amenities for various boaters and commercial boat operators; improved productivity and commerciality of various business and maritime interests; improved hydrology promoting tidal flushing of the Bays; security of a wide range of maritime, tourism, primary producer, and civil-service providers.

Further, the NSW Superyacht Industry Association will argue that the $125 Million dollar cost to the public purse and private-sector productivity cannot be justified in regard to questionable heritage value, and the proposed convenience-benefit to a small number of cyclists and pedestrians.

Boating/ Marine/ Maritime interest should ensure that their voice is heard, and as such we urge members to make a submission – however brief – considering the equity, practicality, and potential impact to your business or boating experience of the following;

Key points:

• The cost – in terms of capital investment, ongoing maintenance & lost productivity resulting from the renewed operation of the old Glebe Island Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists – is conservatively estimated at $125 Million. The ACIL Allen report suggests that the heritage quality and associated amenity of the bridge would need to be “valued??? at $125 Million to justify the decision NOT to demolish the bridge.

Duplication – of bridge, and pedestrian/ cycle route
• A “heritage twin??? of the Glebe Island Bridge is fully restored, in working order, and central to the pedestrian/ cycle crossing at Darling Harbour – the Pyrmont Bridge is just 1.5km away!

• A purpose-built cycle and pedestrian way adequately services non-vehicle traffic on the main deck of the ANZAC Bridge, and is plumbed-in to suitable street networks at either end via significant (and expensive) ramp structures.

Safe access/ equity/ amenity for marine/ maritime interests

• The Rozelle & Blackwattle Bays house extensive infrastructure supporting Sydney’s marine/ maritime communities, as well as a playground for rowers and dragon-boaters, and a destination for boaters accessing the fish-markets. The inoperable Glebe Island Bridge is a risk to safety for all of these users, and a restored and operational bridge would also impede free and safe access to the Bays for the majority of waterway users.


• Since the gap between Pyrmont and Rozelle was first bridged in the 1870’s, the hydrological processes which flush the Bays have been affected. The current swing-span structure and its associated approaches to the north and south, drastically impact this tidal flushing and results in poor water quality, and diminished health of the Bays ecology.

Infrastructure, commerce and employment

• Critical infrastructure is housed in the Bays. Businesses operating/ supporting boatyards, wharves, jetties, and marinas service a diverse range of marine and maritime users. The RMS fleet, the fishing fleet, the Sydney Heritage Fleet, and back of house operations for the charter/ commercial fleet are all present in the Bays.

THESE BUSINESSES ARE IMPORTANT EMPLOYERS & GENERATORS OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY. Their employment and economic contribution must be considered in the conversation on whether to impose on access and productivity.


• The Bays host a broad range of services of value to the boating community, and the wider Sydney Community. These include:
– Boat storage
– Boat servicing & repair
– Maritime-civil and marine contracting
– Fishing and seafood distribution/ processing
– Charter-boat operation
– Boat sales & brokerage
– Handling and storage of building materials
– Boating safety management
– Superyacht services

Destinations/ Tourism

• The Sydney Fish Markets is a favourite destination of many waterway users – visitors and locals alike – and the casual anchorage available in Blackwattle Bay for visiting yachts is an important amenity for visitors to Sydney

• The Bays are used for recreation by all manner of boaties, but especially rowers and dragon-boaters who rely on its calm and protected water, and key infrastructure.

Make your submission now.  Visit http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/media-releases/community-feedback-invited-future-glebe-island-bridge to go to the consultation home page.

Boadicea Glebe Bridge